My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

This commercial was inspiring. Even though I have never been to the city, I am routing for Detroit. I am proud to have purchased a car made in the USA.

A 4 Year Olds First Day of School – End of the Day

Well, the first day of school can be tough, particularly if you are 4 years and you never went to a full day of school before.  This is Andrew as he walked into the house after being picked up at the end of the first day.

How Does the JW WordPress Plugin Look

Test of the JW WordPress Plugin : [jwplayer config=’paulplayer’ file=’http://cloneofcloneofpaulgerst.mystagingwebsite.com/videos/englishteaquotesirphil.flv’ image=’http://cloneofcloneofpaulgerst.mystagingwebsite.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/matthew-and-i.JPG’ sharing.link=http://www.teadog.com ]