Happy 3rd Birthday to My Son Andrew

Our first child Andrew recently had a birthday.

He is now 3 years old.  I am amazed at the kind of boy he is becoming.   He really is a very good boy.  Andrew really listens when we talk to him.  I would describe him as a sweet, kind-hearted and sensitive boy.

We had a small birthday party limited to immediate family.   Andrew’s birthday is always a happy occasion and a little sad as well.  His birthday occurs 4 days after the death of my father.  My Dad died just after Andrew was born.  Andrew’s birth and my father’s death always will be linked.

Although it seems cliche, I cant believe it has been 3 years already. It was just yesterday when we took him home from the hospital.  I remember driving 10 miles per hour to get home while Heidi  rode in the back seat of the car hovering over our newborn.

Even though he is getting bigger and we have another son, I have always called Andrew “little boy.”  Near the end of her pregnancy, Heidi was on bedrest with high blood pressure.  As a result, Andrew was born small. When we left the hospital, he weighed 5 lbs 15 ounces.

Happy Birthday Andrew.  I am proud of you.  No matter your age and size, you always will be my little boy. Love, Dad.

Andrew Gerst 3rd Birthday

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