Keep Your Bad Little Girls Away From My Son

How come little girls are so much meaner than little boys?

First, let me clearly state, I am the father of 2 sons: Andrew at 3 years old and Matthew almost 1.  I haven’t had experience with little girls.  Maybe I have a different perspective.  But, little girls seem to be so much meaner than little boys.  I noticed this on several occasions over the last few months. Here are just 2 memorable times.

Andrew is good at playing with other boys.  He is easy going, full of energy and makes friends easily.  He calls every other little kid his friend. He has a lot of experience playing with other kids. But, all his troubles have been with little girls.

A few days ago, my wife, Heidi,  took the boys to the local park to play.  This is a park he goes regularly and always find a few little boys to play with. On this day, there were no little boys around and only a few girls playing together.   When he went over to play with the girls, they yelled at him to get away and not play with them.

Andrew was crushed.  He never heard this before from any other kid.  As you can imagine, Heidi was very, very sad.  Later, we talked and I used this as an opportunity for a life lesson.

Additionally, he had 2 run-ins in the play area at our local Chick-Fil-A.  Both times little girls made him cry.  For the other 10 or so visits to Chick-Fil-A, he played with little boys and is totally happy.

Just this weekend, we went to the same park and Andrew found other little boys to play with.  Although the boys were a few years older, they were happy to run around and play together.   Then, recently at mass, he was happily playing with a group of boys whose families recently emigrated to Dallas from Africa.   So, its not realted to age, race or income, but rather if the child is a girl.

Actually, the only little girl who played well with Andrew was a girl at park with downs syndrome. Andrew and her played together for about an hour.   When she left to go home, Andrew asked where his friend was going.

Maybe I will encourage my son to only play with boys for the forseeable future.

So, keep your mean little girls away from my son.

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