Our American Car is Better Than Our Japanese Car

In December 2007, my wife, Heidi, and I purchased a 2008 Ford Fusion.   After having the car for almost 1 1/2 years, it is safe to say this is the best car I ever owned.   We are not car-people and have no connection to any car dealer or company, but we want to share our experiences.

As we began to look for a new car, I really wanted to buy an American car.   It is important to me to try to buy American-made products.  But, Heidi really needed convincing.  Heidi always drove a Honda or Toyota and never owned an American car.   Actually, she was very skeptical and really didn’t want to buy a US-made car.  But, I asked Heidi to look at American made cars (Chrysler, Ford and GM) and if she could not find one she liked, we would look elsewhere.  Being a reasonable women, she agreed.

After visiting GM and Chrysler dealers and test driving some models, we went to see Ford cars.  At the time, the only thing she knew about Ford were the commercials featuring the very cool Sync option in the car.  But, after test driving the Fusion, Heidi was immediately impressed.  For her, it handled well and the safety options were very, very impressive. For me, it got good gas mileage and was an American car.

When we told people we purchased a Ford, people gave us some grief.  Many people were convinced American cars were expensive and poorly made.  But now, this seems to have changed, especially regarding Ford. Ford seems to be hot and is getting great press for their cars.

My wife had a 2000 Honda Accord which we traded-in for the Ford.   Although the Honda was fully-loaded and the Ford has only the basic package, we paid less for the 2008 Fusion that my wife paid for the Honda in 2000.  So much for the stereotype that American cars are more expensive.

Our other car is a Mazda Protege 5, which can be described as just adequate.  The Mazda is paid off, which is the only reason we still own it.  The car has had several repairs, some of which seemed to happen earlier than necessary.  We drive the car when the kids are not coming along.

We purchased the car at North Central Ford (Central Expressway & Campbell Rd in Richardson),which has provided us with good service.

If you are looking at a Honda Accord, Honda Civic or Toyota Camry and do not test drive the Ford Fusion, you are getting ripped off.

2 thoughts on “Our American Car is Better Than Our Japanese Car”

  1. Thank you for setting the record straight. I drive a Buick Park Ave and My wife a Pontiac Bonneville and they are the best cars we have ever owned including several Japanese cars. Americans need to look at our own cars before they buy. The Japanese are living off the reputation they earned in the 80’s. No more, GM and Ford ( I’m not a Chrysler guy) build the best cars in the world. Buy American and find out.

  2. James, I totally agree. Ford is making some great cars. If someone is buying a Honda or Toyota and not first looking at a Ford, they are getting ripped off.

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