Month: September 2009

Songs You Know You Really Like: You Spin Me Round

Admit it, you like this song.  I do.  To this day, I still enjoy listening to it.   The song brings me back to mid-80s and Monroe House at the University of Scranton.  Below the video are the words. You Spin Me Round by Dead or Alive from the Album Youthquake If I, I get to … Read more

Gerst Family Colorado Vacation Photo

Thanks to the generosity of Heidi’s parents, we spent a week in Winter Park, Co during September.   We were in Winter Park with Heidi’s parents, most of her siblings and their families.  Here is a Gerst family photo taking during a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Review: Air Conditioner Repair Dallas

If you need an air conditioner repair person in Dallas, I thought I would share our experience. Recently, our neighbors had to have their air conditioner fixed.  Having moved to Dallas not that long ago, they told me they did not know who to call.  So they called a large national chain to come and … Read more

Gratuitous Picture of Son Matthew

My blog has several entries and pictures about my 3 year old son Andrew. But nothing about Matthew, my 9 month old. So, here is nice picture of him and I.

Video Tribute to a Box of PG Tips Tea

I have been trying out many different creative activities to produce content for the Blog.  My hope is that one of these pieces of content will get many links to our site.    This is a box of PG Tips morphed many different ways.