Keep Your Bad Little Girls Away From My Son

How come little girls are so much meaner than little boys? First, let me clearly state, I am the father of 2 sons: Andrew at 3 years old and Matthew almost 1.  I haven’t had experience with little girls.  Maybe I have a different perspective.  But, little girls seem to be so much meaner than … Read more

Andrew Making Cookies

Andrew made some cookies for his class for Halloween. (He got a little help from his mom.)

Andrew’s First Day of School

Andrew is ready for his first day of school (Sept 1st).  He participates in the Small Talk program in the local school district and goes twice a week. He was really exicted to start. Although you cant see it in the picture, he is sporting a new Scooby Doo backpack from his granny.

A Ring Tone from 3 Year Old Andrew for His Mommy

Andrew and I created a ring tone for his mommy’s new Palm Pre phone.  Now, you can feel free to use it on your phone. The ring tone is mp3 format, which should work for most smart phones.  It lasts about 30 seconds.  Just click on the link to hear it. Andrews ring tone for … Read more